Why did you put the tablet under my tail ? Couldn't find the button, do it yourself, I sleep !

Is this the cleaning lady who comes and disturbs me while I am doing my selfie ??

I am very satisfied with the result of this selfie ! I look as it was 15 years ago !

Why didn't you tell me that I have a dirty eye before I took the selfie ??



I think I have to eat more, my face doesn't look round anymore !

I still look good, no doubt about that, but I think I have to loose some weight, my neck is so big !

Arthur go away, you are in my selfie !!

Strange, I have two eyes in one ??  and I don't wear contact lenses !



I had been visiting a friend in Germany and had to come back a day earlier because I had caught a cold. Therefore I have not much to tell about my cat family.

I changed from Computer to TV, suffering in silence, Arthur played my nurse and watched TV with me !

He also made me laugh because he tried to get into Mr. G's shoes, which didn't work of course he is to fat big and after trying for a while he finally put his paws in the shoes, while I despite my discomfort laughed my head off !

Kim as usual slept and waited for her darling Mr. G. Now she even lets him brush her belly and meows to be brushed. I can't believe it, this cat is really special !

Rosie was all the time with me and shared my miseries. She lay behind my head, on my lap, and during the night besides me. Everybody who tried to come near she chased away !

Arthur when he doesn't play the clown, he is a philosophe ! He sleeps on the warm radiator and waits for better times, when he can go out again and visit the neighbors.



I prefer outside selfies, I look much better and I could see a bird !

I just pushed the button, and now the mouse is under the tree !! Your fault !

OK I do my duty, but I still think about my "to do list" for today

I have heard that there is a cat around named "Grumpy" ! I am not grumpy, I only look like !




Hey, pay attention ! Now you held the tablet upside down !

Phew, I should smile a little more when I have to take selfies !

Look at my claws !

She insisted to be on the selfie with me ! and now we are both blur !