I really wanted to model for this selfie (for once) and what did she do ? She managed to squeeze her face against mine !!

I saw a bird, nearly dropped the phone that's why she had to help me and of course the bird is gone

With this selfie I show you what I have to read over the time !


My cats are slightly offended, because I had no time for them last weekend. I was busy with my painting exhibition. But of course I told everybody that these three are my models !

Now that has cooled down, we just have enough radiators for the two short haired cats, Kim with her sheep fur hates radiators.

So they alternate the places because of the different views.



I asked her to hold the phone I felt too weak !

I did the same, I was half asleep

What a place to make a selfie ! I didn't like it and you see it on my face ! All I wanted was a drop to drink !!

When I came back from hospital where I had my right eye done, I didn't realize that I looked like Frankenstein's daughter !

Arthur who was busy with grooming stopped and got a shock !

Rosie who had filed papers and was busy with the computer mouse stopped too

and looked at me with horror !

But then after they got a treat they occupied our seats as usual

and Arthur, as it was raining, slept on the radiator and looked through the window.

Kim didn't bother about my face and I only hope that next week I will look a bit better !



Should have cleaned the lens before  I look a bit dusty !

I swear  I pushed the button, you still can see half of my face !  It's not my fault if you hold the tablet behind the cushion !

Everything you want ... but do not disturb !

There are no news this week ! First I was in London for two days and then I had a cataracte surgery !
It went very well no problem, only I am feeling a bit groggy

My cats are a little shocked to see me like that, but since it is only an eye and not a stomach surgery they don't mind. The bowls are full !

And as cats are philosophers, they sleep and wait until it's over !



OK, OK I pushed the button, but there is a fly on the floor !

I made it ! An outside/inside selfie through the shutters !

You see what happens when she insists to help me, she makes an awful face  but at least I look good !


My cats are all convinced that fall or autumn (it's the same) is boring, especially because they are all fixed in order not to overpopulate the world with cats and not enough servants to take care of them. In our area there are no stray cats, and the humans have no season for love.

Arthur's love goes through the stomach and after having terrorised Mr. G for food, he makes himself comfortable after a little wash.

Kim also had gobbled down her breakfast or whatever it was got up stretched, went to the living room and barfed on the oriental rag, her favorite place. After that she returned to position n°1 while I cleaned up the mess. It happens in the best families !

Little Rosie has found another place, she irons Mr. G. summer jeans, as they are freshly washed. That I had to get rid of the hairs afterwards was another story !



This is a real selfie !! The only thing she did was putting the phone on the table and I stepped with my paw on it. I didn't even want to ! Look what a face I have now !!

I forgot to look in the lens in time ! And I still have this white whisker !!

Why did he sneeze as if a bomb would explode ?? I nearly got a heart attack !

Now that the sunny weather switched over night into rain, cold and grey, the cats moved inside !

Of course Arthur choose a place where he really was not needed ! There are so many chairs in the house but he had to choose Mr. G's office chair. He settled down and slept. Pushing and touching and calling him was useless, he slept. Finally Mr. G lifted him up as he was and transferred him to the sofa, but that Arthur didn't like at all and very much offended he run away to find another place.

Rosie started her 24 h marathon sleep, only interrupted by a thoroughly grooming of herself. For this she has chosen my place on the sofa, but with or without me it doesn't bother her.

Old lady Kim spends her days sleeping on rugs always at the entrance into a room, so that you can be sure to kick into her as you can't see her she is black ! Now when we don't see very well we stalk along the doors with our noses on the floor not to hurt the old lady.

Another place is sitting on the table and waiting for Mr. G. to sit down and eat or watch TV. 10 years this cat was dumb like a fish or from time to time let out a sweet little baby meow, while now she roars like a tiger ! She still runs away from me, but from time to time I am allowed to pet her. She is really a special cat to be studied for cat behaviour science !