This look never fails, when I do this I get what I want (or almost)

If each weak I am bothered with these selfies, this time I try a wink !


Looking out of the window for inspiration, my eyes caught Rosie very busy to eat (!!) a mouse ! I don't even like that she catches a mouse and play with that poor thing but here she ate it ! From top to bottom, the only thing which remained was the tail !

and she so much feared that somebody would take her prey away that she took a bite and then looked around her !! Fortunately she was kind enough to do that outside and not in the house.

and then with a full stomach she returned into her wires and my blue invoice which she occupies now in the 3rd week !

Kim who for weeks was glued in snail position always on the same spot (right below) moved !!! I was so happy to see her on my bed ! That meant that she can still jump and is not so half dead as she pretends to be ! Anyway her fur and her appetite confirm this fact. Strange cat, now she comes to me for cuddles ! It took her more than 10 years and also, unfortunately, she started to meow not all the time but if you had a dumb cat for so long it surprises when a meow comes out !

Sir Arthur has a good appetite but he is difficult too, look at the range of bowls where he has the choice from. To be honest not only him the others too.

He also has met our new neighbors, I don't know if they are cat lovers, but at least they didn't chase him away, apparently he is often in their garden.

The best weatherman in Belgium is Arthur, much better than those on TV or Newspaper, when he washes behind his ears you can be absolutely sure that it will rain  the same day or the next day. Sometimes also the 3rd day, but usually it is always right. I have to add it rains quite often here, but that doesn't mean that he also does ear cleaning.



What should I do now after this stupid selfie ??

Kim asked me to excuse herself, she is not ready anymore to pose for a selfie, she escapes and I think she is too old now that I run after her. Apparently she feels good in this snail position and doesn't want to be bothered anymore.

Arthur is digesting a full bowl of food and didn't say anything when I approached with the selfie material



The cats enter into winter boredom and look for changes in their life. Anyway they don't have an  enormous interest in things which happens in human's lives and were only offended when they heard Mr. Trump talking about Pussies and they realized that these were not the same.

Rosie sank in her winter sleep and only changes places, which already demands a big effort. Lazily hanging on the sofa or sleeping on blue invoices (that's the third week) or against my leg, she has also found a nice place on a backpack which lay on the floor. No mousies, not even a fly to chase ! Arthur's tail is off limit, he hisses and there is no other tail available.

Therefore Mr. G. is her victim, she squats his chair at the computer and gets angry when he asks her politely to leave this sacred place. But Rosie doesn't care and gave him a nice scratch last time, which I myself had to put a plaster on, because he was dying.

Then it was my turn, I had thrown my raincoat on the sofa because it needed to be washed. Rosie had another opinion and thought it would be a nice place for a little nap. The washing machine was ready to turn and I told Rosie to put herself elsewhere, otherwise I would wash her too. Apparently that helped because she was offended and disappeared.

Arthur gave it up to walk in the rain and come home wet. There was not even somebody to follow ! So he too lay on the sofa (fortunately it is big) put some pink wires around him, he intended to play but then gave it up and cuddled against Mr. G.

I am happy to report that I found Kim together with Arthur on Mr. G's bed ! Again in snail position, but at least she had proved that she still can jump !



What an effort to stretch the neck for a good selfie ! but then I can sleep again

Now I messed up my selfie with this tail tip ! I don't have a black spot on my chest !

I am not yet there, I am still in dreamland chasing mousies !


It makes certainly 3 weeks that Rosie has chosen my blue invoice and the cables to sleep on. The invoice meanwhile is full of holes but as a bed sheet apparently still good. I teased her a bit with the paper bracelet (from the hospital) but she took it for a crown probably !

She also took advantage from the last warm and sunny day and spent it in the garden. I wonder if she wasn't out at night too, because in the morning I found her toy mouse in the new cat food a friend had given me because her cat didn't like it. That's a long time that Rosie hasn't put her mousies in and around her food bowl !

Ol' Kim's life is like a pearl necklace everyday the same. Glued 24 h on her rug, then slowly gets up, stretches, wanders to the kitchen, eats, returns and continues to sleep. Sometime there is a little washing session in between. I am still hesitating to take her to the vet, as her fur is still shining, and she eats and drinks, only she doesn't move. Maybe she has arthritis. Anyway I don't want to stress her if it is not absolutely necessary.

Now that it has cooled down, Arthur lives on, in front or around the radiator, he sleeps and grooms there and watches over us.

This is his typical face when he hears somebody in the kitchen ! Ready to jump !

And poor me, the whole day I have this view, three snails ! only the places change from time to time.
It's true cats are suppose to be a good remedy against stress, but snails ???



and there was light ...... without flash in the camera !

Today my selfie came out in blue. Suits me well I think with my white fur !

Geeeeeez ........ Arthur's face has a blue glow around !!!


The whole week I was away in Amsterdam to keep an eye on my 7 year old grandson Toby who had school holidays.

Therefore I can only report what Mr. G. has told me, about his life with his darlings. Arthur tortured him by meowing each time he moved, he loves to terrorize Mr. G. who is convinced that Arthur is starving each time he says a little meow.

Rosie slept the whole week on a blue invoice, I don't know why blue, but with cats you never know. Kim didn't leave her rug in the bedroom and if from time to time I wouldn't see her eating I would say she never leaves.

My cats are not disturbed by Halloween, it's not very much celebrated where we live. I bought a few sweets but I am not even sure if somebody will ring at the door. There is no decoration either, except in the shops.

But Kim as a black cat has the obligation to participate

Arthur is always for fun

And as Rosie is a little witch the whole year long, she has to be a special one on Halloween !



Don't disturb me I am in deep thoughts about our future, the mousies are becoming so skinny !

Hhm, I think I have to wash my tail, doesn't smell very good, so please do the selfie for me ! But don't faint !

People say that I am a beauty, sometimes I think so too !


It's getting cooler and cooler and the cats look for other occupation than laying in the sunshine or chase a butterfly. They have to change lifestyle !

Arthur whenever he hears Mr. G's car he comes running !

There was nothing especially good smelling in the trunk and he decided not to use the litter box in the garage but our "Versailles" garden outside.

Meanwhile Mr. G. had put the shopping bag on the kitchen table and Arthur was very interested in what was inside. Look at his disappointed face ! There was only 3 packages of stinking French cheese and fruits ! Not even a chicken wing or a slice of ham.

Nobody can explain me why he went into the bath tube to let out his anger there maybe because of the stinking cheese ? I throw a piece of paper in the tube so that he could play, but he only looked at it disdainfully.

Then he sat down and mulled over what to do next .... (Help)

The eye doctor had given me a blue paper with instructions of what I can do or not do with my eyes besides looking. Ever since Rosie had discovered this blue paper with the eye instructions 2 weeks ago, she sleeps on it, sharpens her claws very carefully on it and then lays down for the rest of the day. She has changed her lifestyle, instead of sleeping peacefully in my bed and keep me warm, Miss Rosie goes out the whole night and only comes back when she is wet preferably at 3 am to show me that it has rained. And of course when you go out the whole night you have to sleep the whole day too. That's life.

Kim since a month sleeps always on the same spot on the same rug, she only gets up for food and a little walk, but not outside. She, who never meowed, let us hear her voice now. Fortunately she has a little one. She doesn't sleep with Mr. G. anymore, she ignores us while we watch TV, I tried to lift her up in case she was glued on the rug, but she only protested, turned around and continued to sleep.

without glasses !